A Brief History

In 2016, as I was running a company that organized social painting events at local bars and restaurants, I got to meet and work with many small business owners.

In the multiple conversations I had with many of these small business owners, a few things became clear to me:

  1. Digital Marketing was the future of marketing.
    1. If you don’t know this by now as a small business owner, you’re going to get left behind. Whether it’s SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, business owners in competitive markets can’t afford to run any marketing efforts without thinking “how to reach my customers digitally”. 
  2. Many Small business owners either don’t know enough about digital marketing, and many don’t really care to know. Many of them believe that whatever has been working for them in the past (word to mouth marketing etc) will keep working in the future.
  3. Given how new the digital marketing industry is, and how little many small business owners know about it, they often fall victim to companies or freelancers that take their money and don’t deliver on the products or services they promise.

Knowing these three things, and having enough knowledge about the industry, I decided to create a company to help small business owners navigate the murky waters of digital marketing.

Lexco Digital

I started the company with an old friend from college. We called it Lexco Digital. I’m telling you the name in case you have come across that name somewhere online. Lexco Digital eventually became LA Digital Marketing (the website you’re on right now).

At the onset of the company, we knew enough about digital marketing that we were able to help, but we did not know enough about it to help as efficiently as we could.

Brandwell Studio

Lexco Digital eventually became Brandwell Studio, when I teamed up with a graphic and visual designer and we added branding to our array of services. Again, I’m letting you know of the name change in case you have come across that name (Brandwell Studio) somewhere online.

My graphic design partner had other aspirations, so I turned back to my original goal which was simple: Help small business owners get more visibility online.

LA Digital Marketing

All of that brings us to today: LA Digital Marketing. A different name, but the same passion and enthusiasm to help small business owners with their digital marketing.

With everything I have learned over the years, helping small business owners with their digital marketing today means two main things: Web Development, SEO.

I focus on these areas for two simple reasons:

  1. Web Development and SEO are intricately linked. SEO is trying to get web pages on a website ranking high in search engines results pages like this one below. Ranking higher helps small business owners get more visibility online, more potential traffic, that turn into potential customers and eventually long term clients/customers.

It’s almost impossible to rank without a website and/or without some content. That’s why the two are so linked together.

  1. I’ve become an expert in both. 

When we started the business back in 2016, my entire focus was on building websites. At the time, I knew that websites were the cornerstone of any good digital marketing strategy. As I built more and more websites, I realized that websites without SEO were relatively useless digital marketing assets.

I wanted to give more to and do more for my clients. So, I made the conscious decision to ensure that every website that I built, comes with basic SEO optimization like ensuring the websites are secure, mobile-friendly and fast-loading (it matters – learn why website speed matters).


Before you get to work with me, you’d probably want to know more about me first. I can’t tell you everything (I don’t know everything you’d like to know), but here are some of the values that drive everything I do.


I believe in and do things with integrity for one simple reason: It’s the key to long term success. In business and in life. When you lie or try to deceive people, you might become successful for a short period of time, but eventually, it catches up to you.

When you have integrity, you’re more transparent with your clients, co-workers, and partners. This makes everyone’s life easier, more enjoyable, and more successful.

Data-driven mindset

One of my core beliefs is represented by this famous quote. “Do your best until you know better. Once you know better, do better”. Data is how we know better. Having a data-driven mindset in my industry is essential. How can you help small business owners rank higher without data on where they currently stand?


Compassion is what got me in this industry in the first place. Seeing other business owners struggle with their digital marketing pushed me to decide to try and help. 


As the second value suggested, I’m all about always bettering myself, my skills, and my business. My goal is to always do better for those around me, and in business, this means my clients.

Additionally, in an ever-changing world, the only people and companies that can succeed and remain successful are people and companies that are adaptable. This means being open to change/evolve.

Help Me Help You

If you made it this far onto this page, this means you’re truly interested in what I do and/or what I have to say. So, thank you. But I do have one more favor to ask.

Since you read this entire page, you know that I started this company to help small business owners. I’d love to help as many of them as I can, and you can help me do that for FREE. 🙂

I write digital marketing articles to help small business owners better understand digital marketing.

You can help me write better content so I can help even small business owners. Here’s how you could do it:

  1. Go to my blog and explore. 
  2. If you see an article that peaks your interest, read if you can.
  3. If you like any of the articles, you can do 3 things to help me out even more:
    1. Share the article on any of your favorite social media platforms.
      1. Sharing the article will help me because it’ll tell social media sites that my content is valuable. It’ll also help me from an SEO perspective because those social media signals will tell Google and other search engines that my content is worth sharing.
    2. Leave me a comment with feedback.
      1. Whether the comment is negative or positive, I do not care. I’d just love some feedback. Don’t be afraid to be negative if you find something inappropriate, factually incorrect, or useless. I don’t offend easily, and I strongly believe that criticism/feedback is how we get better.
  4. Finally, you can also sign up to my monthly newsletter, so you never miss out on new content.

All of these ways that you can help me are FREE. You don’t have to pay for anything. I’m asking you to help me help you because I’m assuming if you’re reading this, you’re probably a small business owner. If you are, only do any of these things if you find my articles helpful in anyway. 

Any of these small FREE tasks you do will help me create more and better content, so I can keep helping you even more.

Thank you in advance for your help. I hope I get to talk to/meet you soon.